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Cockerel feeding system



Cockerel pan feeding system 
The advantages of separate feeding of female and male breeders are widely acknowledged.
Providing separate feed rations for cockerel is extremely important in order to:
- Maintain proper body weight while reducing foot and leg problems.
- Increase fertility & hatchability.
- Eliminate need to spike the flock with new males which also decreases disease introduction.
- Motivate cockerel towards prescribed duties.
- The lines hang beyond the reach of the hens.   

The feeding system features
Feeder pan : Open pan with 4 grill allows optimal feeding space
Unique pan design with inner and outer pan plus high cone shape allows fast and uniform filling of all pans.
Feed level easy and with precision adjustable with special design of pan.
Anti-spill wings and the anti-wastage border to prevent feed wastage
A clamp prevents the pan from swinging to keep the feed in the centre of the pan.
Very strong and stable.
Feed Hopper : stainless hopper boot with top hopper size 100 or 150 kg and available in 2 versions front line and middle line with double exit for long houses
Drive unit : with high speed motor of 530RPM for quick feed delivery
Pan per 7-9  cocks